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Ashley Blake

BA Hons

MSc Psychology 



I am currently based at the University of Birmingham where I am in the final year of my PhD. My research investigates cognitive predictors of individual differences in language acquisition from a usage-based perspective. I am particularly interested in developmental language disorder in children and adults (you can find out more about DLD through under the 'Resources' page of this website).

My research is supervised by Professor Ewa Dąbrowska. I also work as a Research Associate for our lab - if you are interested in finding out more about our research, please click on the following link: 

I am a committee member of the British Psychological Society: Cognitive Psychology Section, and Associate Editor of the Cognitive Psychology bulletin

My research interests include:

  • Usage-based language acquisition across the lifespan

  • Cognitive skill-learning

  • Memory and learning

  • Statistical learning

  • Developmental language disorder

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